The Avatar Legends (XBLIG)

2011 - Barkers Crest Studio


Avatar Legends is an awesome little RPG that appeared on the Xbox 360 back in 2011 under the Xbox Indie Initiative (XBLIG)

In this game You play as your actual Avatar from the Xbox Dashboard, so it opens up a huge world of customisation possibilities. This adds a charm to the game that i can't help but love.

It's a very simple RPG with very limited options but it doesn't take anything away from the experience, you only have 2 attack buttons, 'X' for melee & 'Y' for Magic.

One thing that isn't limited is the play time, easily 10 hours Plus. The vast variety of missions and locations is unbelievable for a game that cost around £1 to buy. There is a full RPG's worth of story & experience wrapped up in this little gem.

This also includes a Quest & Map editor so you could create & share your own adventures with friends.

Sadly, the XBLIG service was discontinued years ago, so I'm not sure how you can even get hold of this game anymore. Luckily I've had it sitting on my Hard drive for years. If you can track down a download of this on PC somewhere, I urge everyone to try it,Barkers Crest did a fantastic job.