Shenmue I & II (HD Remaster)

2018 - SEGA - SEGA AM2



This collection includes HD remasters of both Shenmue & Shenmue 2 from the SEGA Dreamcast.

Immediately you can tell that apart from some visual touch-ups, not much has been done. The game plays and feels exactly the same as they did years ago, which is both a good & bad thing. 

Although they're both fantastic games, the first game still feels like a waiting simulator. At certain points in the game, you'll have to return to a certain place/person at a certain time/day. but there's no quick way to advance the clock, so you have to find things to keep you occupied. this usually means playing mini-games or buying Gacha toys (Which Is basically all i did, lol)

I feel that this could have a negative effect when trying to encourage new players because it makes the game seem boring. Which is a shame because this doesn't seem to be much of an issue in the 2nd game, everything flows at a smoother pace.

The controls are still janky & wooden tank controls, and the fighting is still garbage. You spend so much time learning combo's and moves but no matter how hard you try, each battle ends up button mashing the same combo over & over. 

Still, this is a great collection for fans of the series, and is a cheaper alternative than trying to buy 2nd hand copies of the originals which can set you back around £60-80 for the pair on ebay.