Resident Evil: Origins Collection

2016 - Capcom - Capcom



This collection includes remasters of the original Resident evil & Resident Evil Zero and was released on Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch.

I've only played Resident evil so far, and it's actually a remaster of a remake. This version is from the Gamecube release which was an excellent version with a few new additions and reworked visuals & mechanics.

Even though I'd already played through the original many times before, this version still managed to feel fresh and exciting. 

The visuals & sound are still an integral part to the experience and Capcom have done a great job not to mess with it too much. They have added a new control style into the game for new players that can't get to grips with the old tank controls, but I actually found this to be clunkier and harder to use. IMO the tank controls are what made these early RE games so great. 

I will be playing Zero soon, and will add my thoughts on that to this in the future...