Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

2018 - Funcom - The Bearded Ladies


Mutant Year Zero is an amazing game and if you're a fan of Tactical shooters then you really need to play this.

From the screenshots & trailers you can get the impression that it's just another X-Com clone, but it's the Real-Time elements that set this game apart from the pack.

This allows you to strategically position your units before combat is initiated, or you can even pick off the weaker units one at a time beforehand which is definitely the best option because the less enemies to face at once the better.

To survive you need to call on all your tactical knowledge and the varied skills of the team members because this game is hard as nails. The enemies have ridiculous amounts of health in comparison to you and they deal way more damage than you too. Which just adds to the challenge and keeps you coming back for one more try.

One saving grace is that 'Permadeath' is only an option in 'Iron Mutant' mode so you can afford the odd casualty during battle if need be because they'll recover afterwards. 

Make sure to save regularly though, because you will be reloading a lot, and this end up becoming part of the tactical planning, whether intentional or not.

I can't sing this games praises enough. Yeah it doesn't bring a lot of new ideas to the genre, but it's executed in such a good way that I found myself glued to it all week and couldn't put it down, the Story, Characters and level designs do a great job of drawing you in.