Mini Ninjas

2009 - Eidos Interactive - IO Interactive


Back when it first released, Mini Ninjas was one of those games i dismissed as just another 3D platformer. Here we are 10 years later, and I feel i should apologise for not giving this game the love it deserved.

It's a great little action-platformer, and you can see that a lot of love has gone into making this game. from the variety of levels & locations, to the animations and the story. everything has that shine and polish you expect from IO Interactive.

Considering this is made by a studio that mainly only made 'Hitman' Games, it's great to see a new IP get this much time & effort.

One thing I do have to praise, is the bosses. Although at first impression they may seem quite simple or basic, every one has a clever little strategy that you need to work out for yourself. the game literally gives no clues and I love that. 

The one thing that does let it down is the Ninjas themselves, as you progress through you will rescue additional Ninja's to play as, and every one has their own unique ability. However apart from the big guy, none of the others really seem necessary. You can easily plod through most of the game with just the one ninja, and considering he's the only one that can use the abilities anyway, it makes the whole idea of switching pointless.

Still, I'm kicking myself that I never tried this game sooner. During the 360/PS3 generation I didn't play a lot of Platformers, I tended to mainly focus on shooters & RPG's, and I feel i may have missed out on a lot of great games. Mini Ninjas is one of those such games, a joy to play and I can't recommend it enough.