Fire Pro Wrestling

2012 - Microsoft Studios - Spike Chunsoft Co.Ltd


Fire Pro Wrestling for the Xbox 360 is a spin off from the hugely popular 'Fire Pro' series of wrestling games. It was exclusive to the Xbox due to it's unique use of their Avatar characters.

To me, this is what sold it to me because I'm a bit of a sucker for any game that allows me to use my Avatar.  

It's not the most technical of fighting games though, with only a handful of buttons to learn and in the early stages you're limited to only a handful of moves/abilities so the matches lack much variety and can get old quite quickly.

If you're willing to persevere with it though, there are plenty of outfits & moves to unlock, yet I do doubt many people gave this game enough time to get them all.

There's just not enough game modes or variety of matches in this to keep you playing once the initial 'Avatar' novelty has worn off.