Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

2002 - THQ - Kodiak Interactive


When it comes to racing games, Chariot racing is not something i think anyone was screaming out for. However Kodiak Entertainment gave it a try and it's not that bad.

I actually found myself enjoying this when I first played it, but that didn't last long. This is mostly due to the odd pacing of the championship mode. You can't progress to the next championship without first gaining a certain amount of cash, so it just keeps looping the same stage over & over until you earn enough. I found myself racing the first Britannia course 5 times in a row which is just ridiculous!

This game does get a lot of hate online, and you can get the impression it's total garbage, yet this isn't actually the case. The game controls well, the combat is fun & engaging and the levels are very well designed, it just gets repetitive quickly.