Chroma Squad

2017 - Bandai Namco - Behold Studios



If it isn't immediately obvious from the cover art, Chroma Squad is a Tactical RPG Heavily inspired by the Power Rangers Franchise, and may well be one of the best games I've played this year so far.

Pictures alone do not do this game justice, there is a really deep customisation system in there that allows you to edit almost every aspect of your team, including the characters, Mecha, team name, catchphrases, etc.

I'm a big fan of games that allow you to edit them this deep, because I feel that gives me a deeper connection with the characters I'm about to spend 20+ hours with.

The gameplay is the usual 'Tactic RPG' affair, with a grid based movement system, but the addition of the 'Team Acrobatics' system. gives you more freedom over the battlefield as you can springboard heroes off of others for tactical advantages.

The game has 5 chapters, with a wide variety of stories & wacky enemies to battle. There are between 5-7 episodes in each, so there's plenty of missions to sink your teeth into.

The thing I find surprising is how I'd never heard of this game until last a few months ago, It's been around for nearly 5 years, yet I happened to stumble across it while browsing the Xbox store one day. If you're a fan of the genre, or just Power Rangers in general, I honestly can't recommend this game enough. More people need to play it :)