Batman: The Telltale Series

2016 - Telltale Games - Telltale Games



I hadn't really played much of the Telltale games before I tried this, but the Batman comics was a big part of my childhood, so I just had to give this a go.

If you're unfamiliar with Telltale games, they're basically interactive movies with small sections of 3rd person exploration. One thing that I will say, is that Telltale do some of the best storytelling in videogames!

The beautiful thing about this games story, is that it's not considered canon in the Batman Universe. It's an entirely new story, Written exclusively for Telltale, and i believe stays faithful to Batman Lore.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this series and if you're a Batman fan, you really need to check it out.

Be warned though, there are quite a few strange visual glitches, that can be funny at times. but this is more down to time constraints and the game being initially released before it was ready. If you can look past this though, it doesn't effect the gameplay in any way.