Bad North: Jotunn Edition

2018 - Raw Fury - Plausible Concept



Bad North is a Real Time Strategy game which may look simple to look at, but under the surface is a brutal game where one wrong decision can cost you the game.

Position and relocate your troops around the battlefield to fend off the Viking invasions. Each unit has their own strengths & weaknesses to the threats you pose. Pick your battles wisely and plan your evacuations carefully! Should you lose a commander, they’re gone forever!

I was genuinely surprised by this game and I can't believe I played it for so long. I just couldn't put it down. However, once I had completed my campaign, there wasn't really much incentive to do it again.

A great little indie title with buckets of hidden depth.I'm not sure if this is still available on Gamepass, but if it is, I highly recommend it.