Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

2016 - Koei - Omega Force



This game is basically just Dynasty Warriors but based on season 1 of a little known Japanese Anime series.

There is nothing wrong with this, I'm a huge fan of the Dynasty series since the days of PS2 and have played many of the series & spinoffs. My big issue with this game is the fact that the story doesnt end.

Because it's only based on season 1 of the anime series, it just ends suddenly. I wish the game would tell you this fact  near the beginning because I actually got really invested in the characters & the story.

I would be surprised if Koei actually want to do a follow up to this because it wasn't exactly a hit, but I feel like my only option to finish the story now would be to watch the anime and I don't have the time for that.

I don't regret playing this though, it's really good. but I can only recommend it to Arslan fans.