Area 51

2005 - Midway Games - Midway Austin



Area 51 is a decent little shooter that's managed to age quite well, considering it's over 14 years old.

The story is the usual generic affair. Secret military testing inside area 51, subjects get released and kill everyone, your squad is tasked with going in and subduing said subjects before it becomes public knowledge.

With it being set inside Area 51, a lot of the levels are close quarter corridors with the occasional large room or office firefights.

Although most of the game is just running & gunning, near the end you gain some mutant abilities that kinda slows down the pace of the game and I'm undecided if this is actually a good addition or not.

There are a lot of bad shooters on the XBOX so I wasn't expecting much from Area-51. Overall it surprised me and I ended up enjoying it way more than I was expecting.