Alien Breed: Evolution

2009 - Team 17 - Team 17


Alien Breed is a series of Top-down shooters Developed by Team 17.

Evolution is the first in a Trilogy of titles based in the Alien Breed Universe. I've only played this one at the moment so I can't really speak for the other 2, but as long as they stay similar to this, then that's awesome.

It's not a long game, depending how you choose to play it. You can just run & gun your way through, but I found myself exploring every room scavenging for whatever I could find.

The controls are simple and familiar to fans of this genre. Fast & fluid as they should be, because you will be spending a lot of time fighting off the alien hordes.

The lighting and sound effects in this are excellent, and do a great job of enhancing the experience.

The whole Trilogy can be picked up physically for the Xbox 360 & PC, and isn't that expensive to pick up. Definitely one to add to the collection.