Agents of Mayhem

2017 - Deep Silver - Volition



Agents of Mayhem was a new IP from Volition and is set in the same Universe as the 'Saints Row' series with some character & Story crossovers. This is both a nice touch and a problem, because you constantly find yourself comparing this to the Saints games.

This game had a mixed reaction at launch and still has an average Metacritic score. It wasn't long before you could pick up a new copy for £10, that's how much I paid for it.

To be honest though, I actually really enjoyed it. It's a good, simple run & gun shooter and doesn't take itself seriously. It does get repetitive really quickly though, and you do find yourself treading the same levels/areas over & over, but if you can look past this there's a good few hours of fun to be had.

Agents of Mayhem is another one of those games that didn't need to be made, and I feel it would have done better had it been a totally new IP and not just riding off Volition's other big Franchise. Worth a try if you find a copy cheap enough.