007: Everything or Nothing

2003 - EA Games - EA Redwood Shores



Everything or Nothing is one of those mixed bag games. There's a lot to love about it & a lot to hate also. The game plays differently to previous 007 games and EA have chosen to go with a 3rd person perspective instead. this is where the game fails, I'm a big fan of 3rd person shooters and prefer it over 1st person a lot of the time. This is not one of those times.

The shooting sections are where my biggest issues are, the shooting is all done by locking on with left trigger, no manual targeting here, just lock on & shoot. this gets old really quick and you find yourself just running & gunningto the end. This negates any need for any of the gadgets and that just feels wasted to me.

The driving sections however are still as awesome as before. full of action & set pieces to rival the films perfectly. albeit a bit clunky to ride, the motorbike sections are some of the best bits in the game and need to be experienced.

another big issue is the length of the game, there are 27 missions in all and it feels a bit too long. they're varied enough to keep you playing, but I struggled with some of the shooting levels because they're just so boring.

This isn't a bad game overall, and if you can find it cheap enough it's worth a purchase, It's just that there are better Bond games out there. Back in 2003 I remember this game being amazing, but sadly it's not aged well in places and I feel my nostalgia goggles might have fallen off for this one.