007: Agent Under Fire

2001 - EA Games - EA Redwood Shores



If you've ever played a 007 game before, you pretty much know what to expect from Agent Under Fire

I must admit, given how old this game is it still holds up really well. Bond games very rarely disappoint and this is no exception. The thing with 007 games is that they are short all action thrill rides and stay faithful to the film series.

The game consists of 12 missions, which can be beaten in about 6-8hrs. Ranging from Driving, On Rails shooter, Stealth & first person gunfights. they're positioned in just the right order so to never get boring and the Driving/On Rails sections are pure James Bond.

The controls take a bit of getting used to, I do recommend changing them from the default option because that setting is just awful. My biggest gripe about them would have to be that you can't toggle the crouch, which I know is a bit petty but it just ruins the flow a little for me.

The range of weapons are great (reminds me a lot of that old N64 game that i'm trying not to compare every 007 game to, so I wont). although, what's the point of having the 'Golden Gun' in the game if it isn't a 1-hit kill. That was the point of it, it takes about 4-5 bullets to take down one basic dude. It just shinier that's it!

All in all I genuinely enjoyed this game from beginning to end. It's a good old fashioned run & gun shooter with everyone's favourite secret agent, what's not to love? If you haven't tried it or added it to your collection yet, why not? shame on you!